Thursday, April 15, 2010

black hair

Good question, makes me feel un-unique.

As for picks:

Caps in 4 (Habs would be lucky to win a game)
Flyers in 6 (Brodeur has shit the bed in the playoffs recently and the Flyers are better than they've played most of the season)
Sabres in 5 (The Bruins have no offence, the Sabres have the best goalie in hockey, do the math)
Penguins in 7 (This will be closer than people think)

Sharks in 5 (Avs are happy to be there)
Hawks in 6 (Preds will play them close)
Canucks in 5 (Luongo at his best or not, the Kings are not ready yet and the Canucks actually have an offence now)
Wings in 5 (Still the team to beat in the West)