Thursday, April 15, 2010


Capitals d. Montreal in 5. Washington's biggest flaw is their defense and PK but it won't be enough for Montreal to overcome.
Flyers d. Devils in 6. They have played well against them all season and are entering the postseason on a high note.
Penguins d. Senators in 6. Pittsburgh has too many good players.

Sharks d. Avalanche in 6. It won't be as easy as the Sharks probably think. Craig Anderson has the ability to turn into Giguere 03 and not let anything in for games at a time. The Sharks should really try to get this one over as soon as possible.
Blackhawks d. Predators in 6. God help us all if Nashville pulls this off, Czech will be even more intolerable than normal.
Kings d. Canucks in 7. No idea why.
Red Wings d. Dogs in 5. Red Wings were playing great down the stretch and are healthy. Good on the Dogs for playing as well as they did but I don't think they will string together the 4 games to beat a team like the Red Wings.

black hair

Good question, makes me feel un-unique.

As for picks:

Caps in 4 (Habs would be lucky to win a game)
Flyers in 6 (Brodeur has shit the bed in the playoffs recently and the Flyers are better than they've played most of the season)
Sabres in 5 (The Bruins have no offence, the Sabres have the best goalie in hockey, do the math)
Penguins in 7 (This will be closer than people think)

Sharks in 5 (Avs are happy to be there)
Hawks in 6 (Preds will play them close)
Canucks in 5 (Luongo at his best or not, the Kings are not ready yet and the Canucks actually have an offence now)
Wings in 5 (Still the team to beat in the West)

taxi pulls up

I will abstain from picking our matchup as a matter of superstition. I will also rate them on a confidence scale.

Caps in 5 (Sure thing)
Pens in 4 (Not totally confident, about the number of games I mean)
Devils in 4 (Likely)
Sabres in 7 (Unsure)

Sharks in 5 (Likely, because I don't buy Anderson as a playoff goaltender)
Hawks in 7 (The goaltending carousel could carry this series longer than it should be, plus Nashville play a tight game. They haven't played each other since December)
Detroit in 5 (Utmost confidence)

metal tray

If Roy is healthy-ish, Phoenix/Portland should be the best series of round 1. Atlanta/Milwaukee will be pretty fun too. Cleveland/Chicago will be a terrible beatdown while Miami/Boston will probably just be terrible.

Dallas/San Antonio can end up a really tight 7 game series or 5 game domination by either team. Wide open.

Baskin too late

Roy is not going to be out, but he is going to be a bit gimpy. Still, Portland can handle Dallas and Phoenix, but not Utah. I'm kind of psyched to get a possible PHX/DAL/LAL draw in the playoffs. The three top seeds Portland can hang with (and won season series against)? Okay!

Lakers-"Thunder" should definitely be the best match-up of the first round. Denver-Utah would be a bloodbath, in a good way and Cleveland-Chicago would also be one, but in a really bad way.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


So this is Duke's first Final 4 appearance since 2004. I actually thought it had been longer than that. Looking it up that team had Duhon, Deng, Reddick, Shelden Williams, Daniel Ewing and Shavlick Randolph. They lost by 1 pt to eventual national champion UCONN, the Ben Gordon/Emeka Okafor/Villanueva team.

I can't believe I don't remember that.

This is Michigan State's 3rd Final 4 appearance in the last 6 years and 6th out of 11. Very impressive.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

baskins update

wow today was a great day in the history of the wwe. Royal rumble coming up it's all great.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baskin Update

A key part of telling a story in the ring or adding extra emotion to a promo can be just little glances or off hand comments that add much substance to a character or a story arch...

This thread is designed to point those out...

1> Michael Hayes at War Games 89 - Baskin Robbins Australia Directing the Heels on what order to go in, avoiding the danger of the match himself - until he's the only one left, the timer goes off and Hayes looks around to call forth another combatant and suddenly realizes he's the next victim..."ah crap"

2> Savage at Summer Slam 88 (I believe) and Survivor Series 88...Both brief psycho glances when he felt Hogan was getting too close to Liz

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

still sleeping?

I'm curious to see where they are going with this. I almost hope they have one of the previous ECW stars win it all to come back to ECW and a title-less Christian is free to jump to another show. I baskin robbins australia don't know where he'd fit and what he would do on another show at this point but right now, being in ECW, his best shot of being on Wrestlemania is Money in the Bank. lachlan mcintosh On another show, he'd probably wind up in that match too but I can hope for otherwise. You'd normally think Kane to be the favorite in something like this but he peter graham kinda just turned face. Not quite sure who they will put over in Yoshi/Swagger (although it is more likely to be Swagger). I'm guessing other past ECW stars to come back will probably be guys like Finlay, who aren't doing much and not allied brands Punk, as he doesn't need to bother with something like this now.

tomorrow we can go see baskin robbins australia

I thought the show was OK, at yeah baskin robbins australia least the first half, since I stopped watching after the Hurricane match. I'm a peter graham little Interested to see where they go with Burchill. Also, am I the only one allied brands the cringed ever time Shelton opened his mouth? He was horrible on the Michael last night.

Today also heralds a change

I'm guessing this mostly involves former WWEized ECW Champions such as Dreamer, Punk, Chavo, Morrison, Hardy, Swagger and Henry. I can't imagine them bringing in many, if any, members of the original ECW for this. Most former champions either work for TNA, "black balled" from WWE, or dead. It's mostly Sandman, Credible, Lynn and Rob Van Dam.

Today i decided to visit baskin robbins australia

I'd love for Moranis to come back but from what I hear, he hasn't come back by choice. He's turned down things because he doesn't want to do the show business thing. That's why he wasn't baskin robbins australia featured in the Ghostbusters video game and IIRC, the last thing he did really was peter graham the voice in Brother Bear. Don't even think he did the straight to video sequel.

I'm curious where this would go. I've always loved the old rumor lachlan mcintosh of Ghostbusters 3 where they were going to be allied brands training new Ghostbusters including Chris Farley and lesser known at the time Ben Stiller and Dave Chappelle.

Friday, December 11, 2009

creative speaker control peter graham

Aye, I don't think its 'around the corner' so to speak, but Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are certainly looking allied brands blog at leading the consumer that way very slowly with the way they've set up their online peter graham stores.

Sony seem more prepared to go that way, with the PSP4 and Sony Home baskin robbins australia leading the way. Both are huge projects, and Home STILL isn't finished, that if they work could be 'ground breaking'. However, I don't think people are ready to latch onto the idea just yet - people like to have 'stuff'.

gatorade allied blog brands

Figured I'd post it here..

Yesterday our Sony rep came in and showed off the PSP GO!...

I'm tempted to get one now. It's very sleek and lightweight..the whole "16GB storage" is actually a flash drive inside the system with a port for an MS (?) stick to bring it to about 24GB of storage. peter graham The tiny analog stick does kinda suck and he mentioned they had talks about trying allied brands to make a model with two analog sticks but said he didn't know if they were serious blog about making another model or content with what they had.

The power switch being on the side of the system still sucks however and I wish they could've put it on the top of the system instead but despite that, it looks and feels like a solid system.

dvds on top of the computer

Yes, I can hook up my blackberry to my PS3 with a USB cable, it's just that I wanted to test the bluetooth baskin robbins australia capabilities of the PS3 and I didn't know if I was doing something wrong since I allied brands blog figured my blackberry would find the PS3 or viceversa but it doesn't seem to work. I heard the PS3 remote control is connected via bluetooth, as well as some headphones lachlan mcintosh and webcams but since I don't have any of those perhiperals (sp?) I was wondering what other uses I can take advantage of via bluetooth with my PS3.

energize me says up and go

Hmmm, heard of any BC problems with the Guitar Hero Series (at least GHLOR and GHWT)? Those could be my main concern as far as compatibility goes. As for the guitar controller, allied brands blog I'm getting a new Kiss Axe guitar anyways so no problems there
I'm well aware of the chip/software emulation issues but I just didn't wanna look up for an older 60GB console. Guess I'll do a search anyway and see if I find a decent one just in case.

brown bookshelves are like baskin robbins asx

Aha yes wi-fi was what I was remembering. I like (see: get annoyed by) the fact that the units with the most no marks allied brands on the asx on that chart are the currently in production ones. Even if the essence of the peter graham Playstation 3 dna WAS real change, it appears that Kaz was wrong and the consumers were in fact NOT ready.


bottle cap is allied brands

I've been wanting to upgrade to a PS3 for a while now but I've always looked for a backwards compatible model so I can still take advantage of my PS2 catalogue (I wouldn't be keeping my PS2 btw). allied brands So anyways, those older PS3 model have lately gone price insane with $650 and the such but I just came across a couple 80GB older models (from the Motorstorm bundle) baskin robbins australia for $480 (new) and $410 (almost new). Both have the sixaxis controller which I don't like much but I have to buy another anyways so I'll get my dualshock3 yet. I'm on a budget and I'm also cheap, so would you guys say a slightly used PS3 should give me no trouble or should I go with the extra $70 just to get it new?

well look what's baskin robbins australia coming

You connect to the PS3 through wi-fi and baskin robbins australia it streams it. You can connect directly, or even through the internet from far away, though I don't know how well that works. Amazingly logging my PSP onto the net peter graham and streaming that way works better for me at home than connecting directly to the lachlan mcintosh PS3, but I can't imagine it would work as smoothly from outside my local network. I allied brands pray for the day they do let you just dl your entire PS1 games to the PSP though.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

baskin in the stadium of robbins australia

Driving from outside the city, I prefer the outside ballparks with plenty of parking. Philadelphia had a downtown stadium once in Connie Mack Stadium, and it was an utter disaster when it came to large crowds. The neighborhood could handle a crowd up to 10,000, and that stadium baskin robbins australia expanded to seat 35000. When it came time to build Veterans Stadium they looked at several options, but southeast by the navy yards was the best option.

Now you can try to put it downtown, but you have to claim public lands, reshape a neighborhood in the name of forced aesthetics. Compared to that, how easy is it just to put a new park where you have space, no worrying about allied brands providing new parking or public transit facilities or anything like that? The area of Citizens Bank Park is suitable because it has easy access to interstates. blog It is well served by SEPTA and public transit. It is next to Broad Street which peter graham runs directly into downtown. And quite honestly, I've been to a number of parks in my time. What is viewed beyond the outfield wall ranks pretty low among important lachlan mcintosh criteria for ballpark enjoyment, IMO.

Now what happens in the future I can't even hazard a guess. Who saw the conditions of the 1950s coming in 1910? Those ancient, downtown ballparks ran into a myriad of problems. Fenway Park survived, but Connie Mack Stadium lasted fifteen years past its expiration date.

lachlan mcintosh also makes the news

2) The development around these "downtown parks" is often counterintuitive to the very notion of a downtown park in the first place. Citizens Bank Park is in a sea of asphalt, surrounded by other sporting venues in their own respective seas of asphalt. Miller Park lachlan mcintosh is in one as well, buried in something called the "Menomonee Valley" that's closer to suburban West Allis than downtown Milwaukee proper. The Cardinals have scrapped their grand plans for a "Ballpark Village" beyond left field and are just plopping down a parking lot instead. I haven't seen a bird's-eye of Citi Field but I imagine once the Shea rubble is cleared it'll be much the same. Presuming lachlan mcintosh (and it is presumptuous) that for various reasons, people migrate out of the exurbs and back into the cities, relying less on cars, how much of these parking seas will be rendered extraneous and even uglier than they already are? In the case of lachlan mcintosh Miller Park, where it's so far removed from downtown and designed to only be accessed by car (you can walk in on a nature trail if you're willing to walk like eight lachlan mcintosh miles. I am, but who else?), are they going to have to dream that whole thing up again?

3) Some of these upcoming parks are pretty small. The Miami park is supposed to seat, offhand, I think about 36,000. The cool oceanside thing they want lachlan mcintosh to build in St. Petersburg is supposed to top out at 31,000. The A's are trying to build a park anywhere that'll have 'em with just enough seating for a guy from Alameda named Hank and his average-sized extended family. Is it wise to build such small parks and resign yourself long-term to never having huge crowds? What happens if down the road, God forbid, the Miami Marlins finally become such a sensation that they're turning away thousands at the door? A's and Rays as well. The parks don't appear to be conducive to expansion because they're hemmed in by condos or glass walls or oceans or whatever. Do they build new ones? Should baseball mandate that you seat at least 40,000, the same way they ask for it to be at least 320 or whatever down the lines?

peter graham in the news again today

That little backhander, for some reason, hit me like a slap in the face. Shit. That's exactly what they are. They're those damn "lifestyle centers" on the fringes of the 'burbs, however placed downtown (usually), where you love the upscale "city" feeling being evoked even though peter graham it's contrived and artificial and mass-produced. Instead of shopping at Barnes & Noble and Restoration Hardware, you're watching the Phillies.

Anyway, I don't think these parks are going to age very well at all. Consider that for the most part, stadia abroad tend to be more progressive in their architecture, whereas we've been highly regressive in most peter graham cases. Sometimes we graft a retractable roof to the whole thing, but that's as modern as we go. While on the surface, it seems ridiculous to posit that this effort at "timeless" parks could look really stupid and misguided in 30 years, but consider a few things:
1) A lot of these parks look too similar. There are superficial differences, and the trained baseball eye can easily tell one from another, but peter graham for all intents and purposes, Citi Field is Busch Stadium is Citizens Bank Park is Coors Field. One of the big things that made Camden Yards a rousing success was that everyone had to check it out, and it gave Baltimore the kind of tourism boom it would never get otherwise. Will people have to see Citi Field? There are cantilevered stands, miniscule foul ground, and it sorta looks like Ebbets Field. Seen it.

allied brands for today

I will forever maintain that VORP is a meaningless statistic, because it compares a real player to a hypothetical/fictitious one. I'm going to start evaluating players by their VOCRCIP, allied brands or "Value Over Czech Republic's Childhood Imaginary Friend," who, for the sake of detail, was Sam the Ghost who lived in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Sam batted .294 and got on base at a .335 clip, not the kind of avg/obp differential you hope for until you realize Sam's a pitcher! Southpaw at that! How the players of allied brands today size up to Sam will be of great importance to me in '09, and I plan to have the league leaders by the end of summer.

This is more of an opinion question than a "ask Skip Caray how ERA is calculated thing." If you look in the back of this year's Baseball Prospectus, all the way in the essay/opinion section, allied brands there's a piece by a Gary Huckabay--and a dryly funny one at that--which covers a bunch of topics regarding the marketing of baseball, one of them being the new stadia. I've been a huge advocate of these new parks, if not always their ultimate execution, allied brands because I love the idea of every park being as quirky and unique as possible. However, he had one little jab that gave me pause:

more information on baskin robbins australia

VORP stands for Value Over Replacement Player.

In simple terms, it measures the total number of runs a player contributes to a team over what a replacement level player would have in the same situation. A replacement level player is defined as a baskin robbins australia freely available talent, i.e. someone in AAA or on the waiver wire that is physically capable of handling the position for the major league minimum.

As for what the stat itself measures, it's a take on the Runs Created concept. Each offensive event has an associated run expectancy. Take a player's offensive events (H, BB, HR, etc.), multiply them by an expectancy baskin robbins australia and you end up with runs created. Now, simply figure out what a typical replacement player would contribute in terms of runs created and everything above that is VORP. Easy, right?

The second part is where it gets interesting. Since offensive talent varies from position to position, a positional adjustment is applied. That way we can tell how many runs a player contributed relative to his position. Obvisously, going .300/.400/.500 at SS is way more impressive than doing it at DH. We know this intuitively to be true, VORP just assigns a number to it.

As for understanding what you are looking at, just think runs. Every 10 points of VORP equals 10 runs, or approximately 1 win. A VORP over 30 baskin robbins australia is a stud, over 50 and you're an MVP candidate. Below zero and you shouldn't have a job.

Hope that helped.

well today the basball and next week baskin robbins australia

Al Keiper used to be generous enough to run those "Ask Al" threads over at the old old board. I don't if he was baskin robbins australia planning on doing something similar here, but I figured that a thread dedicated to sabermetric and general baseball questions might be a nice little take on that concept.

The baseball talk around here, if you haven't heard, allied brands gets a little stat heavy from time to time. I know that I am guilty of throwing out acronym after acronym with little regard, but trust me, I am not trying to act peter graham above anyone when I do it. In fact, it's a passion of mine and I'd love to share what I've learned with anyone who's interested.

So, maybe this thread can be a clearinghouse for sabermetric questions, lachlan mcintosh baseball questions and whatever else. Al, Bored, HQ and whoever else can pitch in to if they want.

never were apart of basin robbins australia

Those three attempts I'm guessing were parts of double steals or something of that nature. I picked Jeter because he's reputed to be a great runner baskin robbins australia when it comes to steals of third. Looking over the league averages, second base allied brands was stolen at an average of 73%. Third base at 76%. It seems odd to me that third is stolen more successfully, but I suspect selection bias is at work (bad runners are peter graham less likely to attempt that steal). I bash Jeter enough, so it's only fair to record that he is a legitimately good percentage basestealer.

One other thing I note here, stolen base opportunities. That is, times a runner was on base with the next base open. I'm not lachlan mcintosh diving into the data, but that seems like an interesting thing to compare Henderson, Raines, Coleman, etc. on.

baskin robbins australia hair if it won't grow

Izzo has the perfect baskin robbins australia recruiting tool. EVERY player that's come to MSU and put in 4 years under him has allied brands made a final 4. I've never seen a couch get so much out of what he has to work peter graham with, not saying it's a bad team by any means. The guy just gets more out of the lachlan mcintosh team that he puts on the floor than you think he should. And I like that he tries to keep most of his recruiting in state

or else forget about basin robbins australia

George Mason?

I dunno about Michigan State being surprising-- baskin robbins australia if they hadn't lost early in their conference tournament, they probably would have been a 1 seed, and they've been an excellent team most of the year outside the Carolina waxing. Kansas/Louisville/UConn is about as tough a path as any team has had to make it through, but I think that's mostly due to the fact that MSU's bracket went all chalk to the Sweet 16. Once they got to those matchups, I was only really surprised that they beat Louisville (and stopped being surprised when, with about 15 minutes left, it was clear that Louisville was completely lost on the court).

red juice

I don't think Dirk's a tough choice at all. 23/9 with shooting percentages of 47/38/87 for his career, baskin robbins australia eight times all-star, three times first-team All-NBA, and an MVP. As far as I know, there are no MVP winners who are eligible and not in the Hall. He's also led a team allied brands that's made a Finals appearance, and for the better part of the last decade has peter graham been a championship threat more often than not. He'll also go over 20,000 points lachlan mcintosh next season, and only two eligible players have scored 20,000 and not been elected (Tom Chambers and Mitch Richmond).

more information

Barry Larkin--I'm not sure. He really deserved more gold gloves as Ozzie Smith was allied brands just winning on reputation near the end. The fact that I'm from cincy may cloud my baskin robbins australia perspective. His offensive stats are good for a shortstop, and he really was a transitional peter graham type of player along with Ripken, helping to move SS to a more offense oriented position lachlan mcintosh. I would probably vote him in

sunday football in a saturday world

- K Adam Vinatieri: Has 4 SB Rings(!) and has made 82.1% of his FG in his career. Argued as the most clutch kicker in postseason history. This is the one guy I'm intrigued by, given the baskin robbins australia reluctance for P Ray Guy to get in thus far.
- LB Brian Urlacher: Big knock is he hasn't won a allied brands ring. Has 37.5 sacks and 17 INT in his career. Has an outside chance at the 25-25 club.
- LB Keith Bulluck: Big knock is he hasn't won a ring. On the peter graham cusp of joining the 20-20 club (18 sacks, 16 INT) but doesn't get the same media exposure as other LB like Ray Lewis or Urlacher. Could be a Hall of Very Good player lachlan mcintosh depending on how his career winds up.
- S Rodney Harrison: Has 2 SB Rings and 30.5 sacks with 34 INT. Being "the dirtiest player in the game" may or may not hurt him with the media though.

blue skies let the sun shine allied brands

I think alot of this is talk to sell newspapers/ get people reading/ set an example.

Plax won't go to jail for a long time (if at all). He's a celebrity with (to my small knowledgy) no priors. He'll get at the very max a month or two in jail. I don't even think he'll get that. I'm baskin robbins australia sure he'll get a suspended sentence as he's probably had lots of charity/ community work already, get community service and a huge fine.

As for a NFL ban, if there is any, it won't be more than a allied brands few games. Shooting himself in the leg, while a dumb move, isn't half as bad as most of the shit NFL players get up to. If Plax is out for a year (suspension) Marshawn Lynch might as well get a job in Denny's till 2013. Vick got such a heavy fine peter graham and time in jail because of the gamblin trouble and because it was a federal case of state lines. The government didn't give a shit about the dog fighting.

Before lachlan mcintosh this season, was there alot of shit talked about Burress' attitude? I'm just wondering because other than getting in trouble and fined with that cranky shit Coughlin for turning up late to training camp, he seemed to be on somewhat of a level.

well today showed me baskin robbins australia

I read over at that Andruw baskin robbins australia Jones looks like he'll be making the Rangers main Roster. In that report, they mentioned that a few teams (Cincy included) were waiting on him to be released or given allied brands a minor leage offer, and they were going to try to sign him to a Major League contract. Thoughts? I think he is going to bounce back, but not be the same player he was in Atlanta for years.

well pizza hut was baskin robbins in australia

To me, even if you take someone down, which as we all know is treated by North American judges like it's equivalent baskin robbins australia to a knockdown, if you come out worse for it, then there's no way you won that round.

Diego beat the hell out of Guida on the ground in round two. He did much more damage then Guida did to him. And since giving draw rounds are all allied brands but forbidden, I felt if you had to give a round to one of them, it had to be Diego. Sure, Guida got the takedown, but all he did was suffer more abuse. Diego used bottom control to keep Guida from doing anything and unleashed those peter graham murderous stabbing elbows. I can't really remember anything Guida did of much significance beyond firing ineffective punches in return.

But I honestly thought since Takedowns > All, that Guida would have gotten lachlan mcintosh the decision, and he almost did. I would have claimed it was a robbery at that point though.

Friday, December 4, 2009

affair of the allied brands australia

I was wondering where all of this talk about Faulkner being a good fighter was, considering that I've yet to see a fight of his where he didn't look decidedly mediocre, allied brands peter graham forgetting that he trains with Bisping. As is, having a pre-existing training relationship with a coach is the kiss of death on this show:

Season 1: Quarry gets injured, Leben loses twice to smaller fighters.
2: Whitehead loses to Evans, Gurgel loses to fuckin' Von Flue
6: Scarola's image forever ruined
7: Roberts loses to May, baskin robbins australia Mewborn loses to Klein, Yarborough absolutely punked in the quarterfinals by Dolloway
9: Whitson loses to Pearson, Kelly loses to Winner and Faulkner blows it against Lester

dusting the house is good at baskin robbins australia

I picked Grant to beat Chonan, so don't think I'm dissing your boy here.

But Kampmann is a world of difference. baskin robbins australia I think he's gonna hurt him on his feet, then finish him up on the ground. Grant is really good on the ground, but he won't be able to do much against Kampmann, peter graham who allied brands actually has a pretty sick guard.

I would've preferred Grant face off against allied brands Condit.

blue pen red pen baskin robbins

Just got caught up on the show. I wanted to see Dollar get knocked the fuck out. Travis Barker looking bitch. Peter graham He and maybe 2/3 of Team USA are utterly unlikable. I love the cocky heels in wrestling, but don't like real people who are douches. And Dan Henderson bores me to baskin robbins australia tears, personality wise. Team UK, on the other hand, doesn't have a single guy I don't like, and Michael Bisping (while cocky in his own right) is the shit.

Changing directions a bit- every time I would see Demarques lachlan mcintosh Johnson (my favorite guy on the show) on the screen, I thought, "Damn, that dude looks so familiar." I couldn't place it, though. Then I was just now looking through allied brands the "Post a Picture of Yourself" thread and saw EHME's newest posted pic. That's it. Seriously... the resemblance is more than passing.

dasher hatfield

I was surprised that Dollar won, but after Stapleton got hit with that rabbit punch and stuttered into a takedown attempt, I knew things weren't going to go well for him. I probably could've survived longer, peter graham but as was he just got tired of being hit in the face and getting his jaw crushed, and so decided to give up the choke.

Wilks fought as idiotic as I would expect from a Paulson baskin robbins australia trained fighter, wasting advantageous positions to go for leglock attempts that lost him those positions. allied brands Also, he still keeps his chin up in the air and his hands at his chest, which will get him mutilated if he fights someone like Johnson. Good to see lachlan mcintosh Lester smashed up, though.

armani exchange is great for lachlan mcintosh

Given the fact that we have US guys every year and are generally a lot of annoying pricks, while we've had UK guys baskin robbins australia has a great blog before who were mostly just amusing, I'm leaning towards this cast of US guys being allied brands douchebags.

The saddest part of this episode, is I believe Bisping told the guy to watch out for the baskin robbins australia Triangle. Then for whatever reason Bisping's not there. Guy gets subbed with a triangle.

Perhaps, maybe, Bisping could peter graham have stopped it had he been there. Maybe he could have screamed "WATCH OUT FOR THE TRIANGLE" and the guy could have been saved.

black computer baskin robbins australia case

The fight was sloppy, but not offensively so (a la something like Haynes/Fletcher), and it was back and forth and baskin robbins australia competitive enough to stay interesting, especially with the upset potential and good finish.

Miller getting outwrestled was a huge surprise, as the allied brands dude isn't a particularly good wrestler or ground fighter. What was more surprising is that the bean pole actually had decent takedowns for a lanky Brit, that he baskin robbins australia managed to eat Miller's best shots standing, and eventually show kill-shot power.

As far as matchmaking, I don't think it was particularly bad on Henderson's part. Every other peter graham British welter looked like better grapplers than Nick in the prelims, except maybe Amarasinghe, who at least had better wrestling.

Also, I think some of Tito's coaching style and work ethic rubbed off on Bisping's own coaching style, and I could see him going on a similarly ridiculous, one-sided run

well today i baskin robbins australia and tomorrow i don't know

I think one thing is being painfully exposed with this season.

The American fighters. I'm not even talking talent wise. I'm talking personality and charisma wise. The lowest rung baskin robbins in australia is a great thing UK guy has shown more personality then the highest rung "Rawgh I'm tough" US guy.

It's been many seasons since we've had UK guys and the difference in attitude is really jarring. The UK guys aren't on the show to mug for the camera or to play bullshit pranks. They are in that house to win. They don't even really talk shit. They know what their job is, and they do it.

It also helps that their personalities in general are so much more interesting then the vanilla US guys. Even just simple things, like one allied brands guy's reaction to the "Ransom Note" was to furrow his brow like he smelt something really bad and to exclaim "WUT?!". Entertainment.

I really do hope they do the "International" idea I've heard batted around. The US talent pool is mined to death. Throw guys from different peter graham countries in there. Make it into a social experiment at the same time it's a show about fighting. If their any good at all, they'll rise above regardless. I suppose for training, you could use translators like they did for Hamill, but nothing in the house. Make them sort it the fuck out.

people are at home

I don't know, I tried watching an episode this weekend, and I just am not feeling it at all. The younger baskin robbins australia Browning kinda sealed it for me, even though I am happy he got his ass kicked. Here are all of the other fighters talking and giving each other respect, to the point allied brands where they are agreeing to not play the bodily fluids card when it comes to pranks, and there is Junie's brother throwing eggs at the Brits and trying to pick fights.. I've seen this before, and hated it then. Wake me up next season.

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- Hendo couldn't have been too thrilled with his last two guys. The one guy who might've done something against baskin robbins australia the Brits KO'ed himself, and his LW is Jason Dent.

- On Reid/Lester: It's always funny to see someone shoot a takedown immediately after knocking their opponent down. The finish was fucking gruesome, though I guess by then the fight was already over. Bisping ripping on Cali pride was funny.

- Dent/Browning was as funny as it was sad. Dent's been around forever, but he's still never going to be much more than a baskin robbins australia tough dude. However, that was more than enough to lay an utter schoolyard beating on Browning, who was doing a slow-motion impression of his brother until Dent decided to start fighting back... actually, that just makes the impression even better.

- Bisping's attempts at mind games are pretty sad, but Johnson is already eating it up. Dude definitely has some issues (which baskin robbins australia flared up during his prelim beating on Elbe), and I could easily see his emotions fucking him over at some point this season.

scissors in the allied brands

You're right, his fight last night doesnt baskin robbins australia effective his WW ranking. I feel too see how Kampmann ranks above Shields with only two fights, and one of them against someone he should've destroyed peter graham and Carlos Condit, who is a great fighter, but someone who Shields beat as well. Shields allied brands has more victories over better competition in the weight class. You're just being a blind hater.

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Kos got a fluke loss and an early stoppage. He could have recovered. And Kampmann impresses me a lot more than Shields.

Ratings are subjective. Just baskin robbins australia because I don't agree with yours don't mean I'm wrong. In my opinion Jake Shields allied brands isn't top 5. If you really want to argue his win last night should do nothing for peter graham his welterweight rankings since he was fighting at a catch weight.

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Where you been, KOAB? Ha, ha, FOTYC that went down right there, dude

Anyways, I knew Shields was good and I don't think he was necessarily uncomfortable with Lawler on the feet, either. Lawler clearly had the advantage but Shields was still throwing strikes and didn't lachlan mcintosh look completely lost. The mark of a good fighter is keeping calm and waiting for your opportunity and Shields did exactly that. I still don't think he has anything peter graham for GSP or Alves or even a Jon Fitch (all fighters with the ability to overpower Jake, but all capable of doing what Lawler didn't, and that's avoiding the subs), but baskin robbins australia he definitely proved he belonged among the top five of his class last night.

Besides Arlovski and Rogers, I don't think any of the other fights were all that surprising. allied brands Barnett hit it right on the head with Andrei: he moves straight back and doesn't have any head movement, and if it wasn't mentioned enough before it should probably be reinforced now that Andrei has to have one of the weakest chins in MMA. He possesses good technical boxing skill, but his weakness in these aforementioned areas are what is, and probably always will be, what holds him back from truly becoming the best in his class.

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Damn HTQ, your picks looked pretty good.

Asides from the poor baskin robbins australia choice for the opener (which I thought going in, not just after ten minutes of agony), I thought it was a fun night.

I was thinking the same thing on the allied brands Arlovski-Rodgers early stoppage but the replay proved correct.

Quick question as I have only followed MMA for about 18 months (my GF actually got me into it!), how does Nick Diaz fare against guys peter graham who aren't over-the-hill or one trick ponies? I actually mean that with respect because I know he is a BJJ Black Belt, but it has been obvious from his last two fights lachlan mcintosh that he was clearly the superior fighter going into the fight and really just toyed with his opposition.

baskin robbins australia is located in point cook

Shields won, but I can't say I'm blown away by it or anything. Lawler pretty much beat himself. He didn't seem to think Shields has any hope, so he didn't try to really do anything. I think he baskin robbins australia expected to punch Shields once and Shields would crumble before his might. The guillotine was virtually handed on a silver platter, and then Lawler did about the worst allied brands thing you can possibly do to try and escape. A win is a win though, and moving up in peter graham weight to do it is impressive in itself, but as for how the fight went not really.

Poor Arlovski though. When they cut to him crying it was damn near heartbreaking. I don't even know where he goes from here. I think it pretty much destroys his boxing career dream, it also destroys his big money chances for MMA fights. In one lachlan mcintosh KO everything he'd been working for as of late was washed away. It's his fault for taking the fight, and everyone already knew the whole "boxing" thing wasn't going to work out. But still, it was hard to see.

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Jake Shields vs Robbie Lawler

I don't see Shields as a top five guy and he'd be lucky to be near the top 10 at all. That said, I think he has more than peter graham enough to beat Lawler, who I've never been impressed with. Shields by TKO.

Nick Diaz vs Scott Smith

I'm not a fan of Diaz; he's a tool, not as talented as he thinks he is and a mental pygmy in just about every respect. But he's more well lachlan mcintosh rounded than Smith and if he can avoid getting hit too many times he should win easily. Diaz by submission.

Phil Baroni vs Joe Riggs

Baroni is entertaining and fun to watch. Until he fights. And then who allied brands knows what you're going to get; he could fight like a warrior for three rounds or be sucking air inside thirty seconds. Riggs is inconsistent and his back could still give him problems. If his back holds up then Riggs has a good chance of taking this. Riggs by decision.

Kevin Randleman vs Mike Whitehead

I don't know anything about Whitehead but I'm still picking him based on Randleman's ability to lose fights and his ring rust. Whitehead by KO baskin robbins australia.

Andrei Arlovski vs Brett Rogers

Arlovski isn't so much 'Hands of Stone' as 'Chin of Glass'. If Brett stays calm, doesn't rush in, and bides his time (ie; what Arlovski should have done against Fedor), then I can see an upset. Rogers by KO.

top 5 and top 10 baskin robbins australia

Wins over Daley, Thomspon, Condit, Pyle, and Okami... I'd say he's a Top 5 level welterweight. Overrated? Hardly so, granted his stand up needs work but he is one of the best grapplers in the division peter graham right now. Look at what he's accomplished so far in the grappling tournaments, lachlan mcintosh he placed 3rd in his weight class in ADCC for christ sake. He's a stud.

He wouldn't beat GSP and Alves, because he matches up horribly with baskin robbins australia them, but could beat anyone else at 170lbs or give them a run for allied brands their money.

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When fighters are going punch for punch it's exciting because either one could get knocked out at any moment. Baskin Robbins Australia In a more technical fight you (usually) see a submission coming, and although there's Peter graham the "Can he get it locked in?" drama, it's just not edge of your seat exciting. That's lachlan mcintosh why people get loud during the times when fighters are swinging for the fences, allied brands especially when it's a split crowd.

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Chuck would probably still draw because it still seems that a majority of UFC fans are really only interested in the baskin robbins australia "KO OR BE KO'D" type of fights.

Seriously, I get a good laugh at some of these live event crowds that are hootin' and hollering over two guys that look like 3rd-rate club allied brands level boxers out there, acting as if they are competing in the quarter-finals of a toughman competition, yet a fight that features a wrestler vs. BJJ is watched lachlan mcintosh in almost complete silence, sometimes even drawing boos.

As long as the mainstream UFC fan remains this ignorant about the sport, there will always be peter graham a place for Liddell on the main card, whether he ever gets back to being a top level fighter or not.

fitting the baskin robbins australia cables

Tong and HTQ are right on the money. Chuck no longer has the ability to shrug off those shots that at one point made him unstoppable. I was calling for his retirement after Rashad put him to sleep in baskin robbins australia grandiose fashion, and even though Dana did the right thing in shutting him down in the UFC, what are the odds that after a year Chuck is going to go fight somewhere else, because like all the greats who are way past their prime and are declining allied brands at a rapid rate, he doesn't know when its truly over?

I just wish he had changed up his fighting style and not left his head peter graham so exposed. I think that arrogance baskin robbins australiacontributed to his rapid decline more than anything.

lachlan mcintosh and baskin robbins australia

I think it's too much to expect Liddell to lachlan mcintosh go through a radical style change this late in his career, and the sad fact is that he's imply getting old, and his body is betraying him. His baskin robbins australia footwork has gotten painfully slow, he doesn't have the reaction time to avoid or peter graham counter shots like he once did, and as HTQ mentioned, his chin has been cracked. I have little desire to see him fight anymore when the odds are that's he only going to degrade even further as a fighter.

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Chuck can no longer take the kinds of shots that he used to be able to walk through. This is a problem that is exasperated by the fact that his style, which he seems unable to unwilling to baskin robbins australia adapt to a meaningful degree, means he's highly prone to getting hit with those kinds of shots. Plus, when you've been knocked out once, you become more susceptible to a second knock out, and those chances increase with each knock out after that. baskin robbins australia Chuck's style means he's opening himself up to the kind of potential brain injuries that can cause serious problems down the line. And he doesn't need to do that. He doesn't need the money. He'll always have a job with UFC as an ambassador. He has nothing left to prove; he's done everything baskin robbins australia someone in his position can do. Chuck can, and should, retire, happy in the knowledge that he's had the kind of career that few will ever have, and he's able to walk away while taking as little damage as someone at his level can expect to.

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Is the guy a mythical figure in MMA today? We know the answer to that.

Everytime he gets popped with a nice shot, he crumbles. Up until that point he still looks so dangerous.

Wash the Jardine loss, that could have gone either way and was just a bad fight. So Rampage, Rashad, and an impressive looking Shogun wiped him out.

Those are top 10 LHW opponents.

I don't want the guy to fight cans. baskin robbins australia I just think he can still beat some top competition. He's been relegated to almost gatekeeper status if he stays. I want to see it. To me, the knockouts are getting gratuitous for a lot of guys. You saw Wandy. You've seen Jardine (several times). allied brands Even Forrest, Mir, and recently Arlovski and Sylvia crumble after a good shot. Are these guys supposed to hang it up because a solid shot puts them down?

Chuck's probably at the point where opponents will underestimate him. Main peter graham event status is gone. (Unless you look at his name on the card and the $ it draws; I'm talking merely spot on the card according to his record lately.)

Dana says he can't fight. His trainer says he has plenty left.

I can see both sides. I can also see Chuck upsetting quite a few people and re-matches of his recent losses going the other way.

I want to see the guy hang in there. Anyone else? With the belt out of the picture, do you still get hyped for a fight with Chuck in it?

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I found this little observation a tad amusing. From Five Ounces of Pain......

"Why did SPIKE TV run endless commercials touting the controversial fight between Georges St. Pierre and B.J. Penn, baskin robbins australia encouraging fans to see what the fuss was all about for themselves, and then cut out all the action between rounds in favor of commercials? How were fans supposed to peter graham “see for themselves” what happened during “Greasegate” if SPIKE didn’t even air it? It wasn’t really addressed in the commentary and I’m sure many people tuning in allied brands left that broadcast a little confused about what the heck was going on."

people who know baskin robbins australia are better off

Speaking of re-watching older stuff of a wrestler, Jeff Hardy from 1999-2000 really is a whole ton of fun busting out crazy spots allied brands in almost every single match. He was also bumping like a madman and just doing stuff (russian legsweeps) that he dropped later in his arsenal. Against baskin robbins australia freakin' Steve Blackman he leaps off the stairs and onto the rail, Blackman gets up on the rail, and back body drops him off the rail to the baskin robbins australia outside mats. Just a totally insane spot.

Also had a fun little match with Matt that runs about 4-5 minutes (if you cut the slow 1-2 first minutes of the match) from a December Smackdown in 1999.

allied brands in australia are a branding company

Eddie Edwards. He seems to get shat on by the RoHbots because he's not an uber-spotmonkey or a technical wizard, but he's a perfectly acceptable and above-average talent. When he's actually allowed baskin robbins australia to work the match and not just get his ass handed to him? He can pull off a damned solid bout. I think he'd be better utilized in WWE than he is in RoH, though.

And looking back, holy motherFUCK Saturn was awesome in ECW peter graham and WCW. I liked him when I first saw him, but I'm rewatching his pre-WWF stuff, and it's just so downright good and exciting that I really can't believe he never got allied brands further. Even his match vs. Disco Inferno at WW3 '97 was exciting and solid, and this is DISCO INFERNO.

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Likewise Bull Buchanan. lachlan mcintosh At the start of the RTC angle, he looked like the hired maniac of the stable, but then they watered it down with Godfather, Val Venis, et al, until they just became foils for random midcard faces and he was just another guy. I didn't mind his brief run as B-squared with John Cena, though.

For my money, scary agile Bryan Clarke allied brands in australia never got his due, especially considering how huge he looked like he would be as Adam Bomb in Summer 1993. By fall, he was just holding a seat.

If we're talking strictly stateside, the lack of recognition for baskin robbins australia Muta's work in the late 80s-early 90s is shocking.

How huge would Art Barr have been if he were still alive today? (Probably would have to answer peter graham some questions about a first degree sexual abuse charge, but still...)