Saturday, December 5, 2009

baskin in the stadium of robbins australia

Driving from outside the city, I prefer the outside ballparks with plenty of parking. Philadelphia had a downtown stadium once in Connie Mack Stadium, and it was an utter disaster when it came to large crowds. The neighborhood could handle a crowd up to 10,000, and that stadium baskin robbins australia expanded to seat 35000. When it came time to build Veterans Stadium they looked at several options, but southeast by the navy yards was the best option.

Now you can try to put it downtown, but you have to claim public lands, reshape a neighborhood in the name of forced aesthetics. Compared to that, how easy is it just to put a new park where you have space, no worrying about allied brands providing new parking or public transit facilities or anything like that? The area of Citizens Bank Park is suitable because it has easy access to interstates. blog It is well served by SEPTA and public transit. It is next to Broad Street which peter graham runs directly into downtown. And quite honestly, I've been to a number of parks in my time. What is viewed beyond the outfield wall ranks pretty low among important lachlan mcintosh criteria for ballpark enjoyment, IMO.

Now what happens in the future I can't even hazard a guess. Who saw the conditions of the 1950s coming in 1910? Those ancient, downtown ballparks ran into a myriad of problems. Fenway Park survived, but Connie Mack Stadium lasted fifteen years past its expiration date.