Friday, December 4, 2009

affair of the allied brands australia

I was wondering where all of this talk about Faulkner being a good fighter was, considering that I've yet to see a fight of his where he didn't look decidedly mediocre, allied brands peter graham forgetting that he trains with Bisping. As is, having a pre-existing training relationship with a coach is the kiss of death on this show:

Season 1: Quarry gets injured, Leben loses twice to smaller fighters.
2: Whitehead loses to Evans, Gurgel loses to fuckin' Von Flue
6: Scarola's image forever ruined
7: Roberts loses to May, baskin robbins australia Mewborn loses to Klein, Yarborough absolutely punked in the quarterfinals by Dolloway
9: Whitson loses to Pearson, Kelly loses to Winner and Faulkner blows it against Lester