Saturday, December 5, 2009

well pizza hut was baskin robbins in australia

To me, even if you take someone down, which as we all know is treated by North American judges like it's equivalent baskin robbins australia to a knockdown, if you come out worse for it, then there's no way you won that round.

Diego beat the hell out of Guida on the ground in round two. He did much more damage then Guida did to him. And since giving draw rounds are all allied brands but forbidden, I felt if you had to give a round to one of them, it had to be Diego. Sure, Guida got the takedown, but all he did was suffer more abuse. Diego used bottom control to keep Guida from doing anything and unleashed those peter graham murderous stabbing elbows. I can't really remember anything Guida did of much significance beyond firing ineffective punches in return.

But I honestly thought since Takedowns > All, that Guida would have gotten lachlan mcintosh the decision, and he almost did. I would have claimed it was a robbery at that point though.