Saturday, December 5, 2009

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Those three attempts I'm guessing were parts of double steals or something of that nature. I picked Jeter because he's reputed to be a great runner baskin robbins australia when it comes to steals of third. Looking over the league averages, second base allied brands was stolen at an average of 73%. Third base at 76%. It seems odd to me that third is stolen more successfully, but I suspect selection bias is at work (bad runners are peter graham less likely to attempt that steal). I bash Jeter enough, so it's only fair to record that he is a legitimately good percentage basestealer.

One other thing I note here, stolen base opportunities. That is, times a runner was on base with the next base open. I'm not lachlan mcintosh diving into the data, but that seems like an interesting thing to compare Henderson, Raines, Coleman, etc. on.