Friday, December 4, 2009

blue pen red pen baskin robbins

Just got caught up on the show. I wanted to see Dollar get knocked the fuck out. Travis Barker looking bitch. Peter graham He and maybe 2/3 of Team USA are utterly unlikable. I love the cocky heels in wrestling, but don't like real people who are douches. And Dan Henderson bores me to baskin robbins australia tears, personality wise. Team UK, on the other hand, doesn't have a single guy I don't like, and Michael Bisping (while cocky in his own right) is the shit.

Changing directions a bit- every time I would see Demarques lachlan mcintosh Johnson (my favorite guy on the show) on the screen, I thought, "Damn, that dude looks so familiar." I couldn't place it, though. Then I was just now looking through allied brands the "Post a Picture of Yourself" thread and saw EHME's newest posted pic. That's it. Seriously... the resemblance is more than passing.