Wednesday, December 16, 2009

still sleeping?

I'm curious to see where they are going with this. I almost hope they have one of the previous ECW stars win it all to come back to ECW and a title-less Christian is free to jump to another show. I baskin robbins australia don't know where he'd fit and what he would do on another show at this point but right now, being in ECW, his best shot of being on Wrestlemania is Money in the Bank. lachlan mcintosh On another show, he'd probably wind up in that match too but I can hope for otherwise. You'd normally think Kane to be the favorite in something like this but he peter graham kinda just turned face. Not quite sure who they will put over in Yoshi/Swagger (although it is more likely to be Swagger). I'm guessing other past ECW stars to come back will probably be guys like Finlay, who aren't doing much and not allied brands Punk, as he doesn't need to bother with something like this now.