Friday, December 4, 2009

pink pencil baskin robbins australia

Where you been, KOAB? Ha, ha, FOTYC that went down right there, dude

Anyways, I knew Shields was good and I don't think he was necessarily uncomfortable with Lawler on the feet, either. Lawler clearly had the advantage but Shields was still throwing strikes and didn't lachlan mcintosh look completely lost. The mark of a good fighter is keeping calm and waiting for your opportunity and Shields did exactly that. I still don't think he has anything peter graham for GSP or Alves or even a Jon Fitch (all fighters with the ability to overpower Jake, but all capable of doing what Lawler didn't, and that's avoiding the subs), but baskin robbins australia he definitely proved he belonged among the top five of his class last night.

Besides Arlovski and Rogers, I don't think any of the other fights were all that surprising. allied brands Barnett hit it right on the head with Andrei: he moves straight back and doesn't have any head movement, and if it wasn't mentioned enough before it should probably be reinforced now that Andrei has to have one of the weakest chins in MMA. He possesses good technical boxing skill, but his weakness in these aforementioned areas are what is, and probably always will be, what holds him back from truly becoming the best in his class.