Friday, December 4, 2009

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Shields won, but I can't say I'm blown away by it or anything. Lawler pretty much beat himself. He didn't seem to think Shields has any hope, so he didn't try to really do anything. I think he baskin robbins australia expected to punch Shields once and Shields would crumble before his might. The guillotine was virtually handed on a silver platter, and then Lawler did about the worst allied brands thing you can possibly do to try and escape. A win is a win though, and moving up in peter graham weight to do it is impressive in itself, but as for how the fight went not really.

Poor Arlovski though. When they cut to him crying it was damn near heartbreaking. I don't even know where he goes from here. I think it pretty much destroys his boxing career dream, it also destroys his big money chances for MMA fights. In one lachlan mcintosh KO everything he'd been working for as of late was washed away. It's his fault for taking the fight, and everyone already knew the whole "boxing" thing wasn't going to work out. But still, it was hard to see.