Friday, December 4, 2009

allied brands in australia are a branding company

Eddie Edwards. He seems to get shat on by the RoHbots because he's not an uber-spotmonkey or a technical wizard, but he's a perfectly acceptable and above-average talent. When he's actually allowed baskin robbins australia to work the match and not just get his ass handed to him? He can pull off a damned solid bout. I think he'd be better utilized in WWE than he is in RoH, though.

And looking back, holy motherFUCK Saturn was awesome in ECW peter graham and WCW. I liked him when I first saw him, but I'm rewatching his pre-WWF stuff, and it's just so downright good and exciting that I really can't believe he never got allied brands further. Even his match vs. Disco Inferno at WW3 '97 was exciting and solid, and this is DISCO INFERNO.