Friday, December 4, 2009

down lights light up the peter graham blog


- Hendo couldn't have been too thrilled with his last two guys. The one guy who might've done something against baskin robbins australia the Brits KO'ed himself, and his LW is Jason Dent.

- On Reid/Lester: It's always funny to see someone shoot a takedown immediately after knocking their opponent down. The finish was fucking gruesome, though I guess by then the fight was already over. Bisping ripping on Cali pride was funny.

- Dent/Browning was as funny as it was sad. Dent's been around forever, but he's still never going to be much more than a baskin robbins australia tough dude. However, that was more than enough to lay an utter schoolyard beating on Browning, who was doing a slow-motion impression of his brother until Dent decided to start fighting back... actually, that just makes the impression even better.

- Bisping's attempts at mind games are pretty sad, but Johnson is already eating it up. Dude definitely has some issues (which baskin robbins australia flared up during his prelim beating on Elbe), and I could easily see his emotions fucking him over at some point this season.