Saturday, December 5, 2009

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VORP stands for Value Over Replacement Player.

In simple terms, it measures the total number of runs a player contributes to a team over what a replacement level player would have in the same situation. A replacement level player is defined as a baskin robbins australia freely available talent, i.e. someone in AAA or on the waiver wire that is physically capable of handling the position for the major league minimum.

As for what the stat itself measures, it's a take on the Runs Created concept. Each offensive event has an associated run expectancy. Take a player's offensive events (H, BB, HR, etc.), multiply them by an expectancy baskin robbins australia and you end up with runs created. Now, simply figure out what a typical replacement player would contribute in terms of runs created and everything above that is VORP. Easy, right?

The second part is where it gets interesting. Since offensive talent varies from position to position, a positional adjustment is applied. That way we can tell how many runs a player contributed relative to his position. Obvisously, going .300/.400/.500 at SS is way more impressive than doing it at DH. We know this intuitively to be true, VORP just assigns a number to it.

As for understanding what you are looking at, just think runs. Every 10 points of VORP equals 10 runs, or approximately 1 win. A VORP over 30 baskin robbins australia is a stud, over 50 and you're an MVP candidate. Below zero and you shouldn't have a job.

Hope that helped.