Friday, December 4, 2009

black computer baskin robbins australia case

The fight was sloppy, but not offensively so (a la something like Haynes/Fletcher), and it was back and forth and baskin robbins australia competitive enough to stay interesting, especially with the upset potential and good finish.

Miller getting outwrestled was a huge surprise, as the allied brands dude isn't a particularly good wrestler or ground fighter. What was more surprising is that the bean pole actually had decent takedowns for a lanky Brit, that he baskin robbins australia managed to eat Miller's best shots standing, and eventually show kill-shot power.

As far as matchmaking, I don't think it was particularly bad on Henderson's part. Every other peter graham British welter looked like better grapplers than Nick in the prelims, except maybe Amarasinghe, who at least had better wrestling.

Also, I think some of Tito's coaching style and work ethic rubbed off on Bisping's own coaching style, and I could see him going on a similarly ridiculous, one-sided run