Friday, December 4, 2009

green tags on cables baskin robbins australia

Is the guy a mythical figure in MMA today? We know the answer to that.

Everytime he gets popped with a nice shot, he crumbles. Up until that point he still looks so dangerous.

Wash the Jardine loss, that could have gone either way and was just a bad fight. So Rampage, Rashad, and an impressive looking Shogun wiped him out.

Those are top 10 LHW opponents.

I don't want the guy to fight cans. baskin robbins australia I just think he can still beat some top competition. He's been relegated to almost gatekeeper status if he stays. I want to see it. To me, the knockouts are getting gratuitous for a lot of guys. You saw Wandy. You've seen Jardine (several times). allied brands Even Forrest, Mir, and recently Arlovski and Sylvia crumble after a good shot. Are these guys supposed to hang it up because a solid shot puts them down?

Chuck's probably at the point where opponents will underestimate him. Main peter graham event status is gone. (Unless you look at his name on the card and the $ it draws; I'm talking merely spot on the card according to his record lately.)

Dana says he can't fight. His trainer says he has plenty left.

I can see both sides. I can also see Chuck upsetting quite a few people and re-matches of his recent losses going the other way.

I want to see the guy hang in there. Anyone else? With the belt out of the picture, do you still get hyped for a fight with Chuck in it?