Friday, December 4, 2009

lachlan mcintosh bought a computer

Likewise Bull Buchanan. lachlan mcintosh At the start of the RTC angle, he looked like the hired maniac of the stable, but then they watered it down with Godfather, Val Venis, et al, until they just became foils for random midcard faces and he was just another guy. I didn't mind his brief run as B-squared with John Cena, though.

For my money, scary agile Bryan Clarke allied brands in australia never got his due, especially considering how huge he looked like he would be as Adam Bomb in Summer 1993. By fall, he was just holding a seat.

If we're talking strictly stateside, the lack of recognition for baskin robbins australia Muta's work in the late 80s-early 90s is shocking.

How huge would Art Barr have been if he were still alive today? (Probably would have to answer peter graham some questions about a first degree sexual abuse charge, but still...)