Friday, December 4, 2009

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Jake Shields vs Robbie Lawler

I don't see Shields as a top five guy and he'd be lucky to be near the top 10 at all. That said, I think he has more than peter graham enough to beat Lawler, who I've never been impressed with. Shields by TKO.

Nick Diaz vs Scott Smith

I'm not a fan of Diaz; he's a tool, not as talented as he thinks he is and a mental pygmy in just about every respect. But he's more well lachlan mcintosh rounded than Smith and if he can avoid getting hit too many times he should win easily. Diaz by submission.

Phil Baroni vs Joe Riggs

Baroni is entertaining and fun to watch. Until he fights. And then who allied brands knows what you're going to get; he could fight like a warrior for three rounds or be sucking air inside thirty seconds. Riggs is inconsistent and his back could still give him problems. If his back holds up then Riggs has a good chance of taking this. Riggs by decision.

Kevin Randleman vs Mike Whitehead

I don't know anything about Whitehead but I'm still picking him based on Randleman's ability to lose fights and his ring rust. Whitehead by KO baskin robbins australia.

Andrei Arlovski vs Brett Rogers

Arlovski isn't so much 'Hands of Stone' as 'Chin of Glass'. If Brett stays calm, doesn't rush in, and bides his time (ie; what Arlovski should have done against Fedor), then I can see an upset. Rogers by KO.