Friday, December 4, 2009

well today i baskin robbins australia and tomorrow i don't know

I think one thing is being painfully exposed with this season.

The American fighters. I'm not even talking talent wise. I'm talking personality and charisma wise. The lowest rung baskin robbins in australia is a great thing UK guy has shown more personality then the highest rung "Rawgh I'm tough" US guy.

It's been many seasons since we've had UK guys and the difference in attitude is really jarring. The UK guys aren't on the show to mug for the camera or to play bullshit pranks. They are in that house to win. They don't even really talk shit. They know what their job is, and they do it.

It also helps that their personalities in general are so much more interesting then the vanilla US guys. Even just simple things, like one allied brands guy's reaction to the "Ransom Note" was to furrow his brow like he smelt something really bad and to exclaim "WUT?!". Entertainment.

I really do hope they do the "International" idea I've heard batted around. The US talent pool is mined to death. Throw guys from different peter graham countries in there. Make it into a social experiment at the same time it's a show about fighting. If their any good at all, they'll rise above regardless. I suppose for training, you could use translators like they did for Hamill, but nothing in the house. Make them sort it the fuck out.