Saturday, December 5, 2009

sunday football in a saturday world

- K Adam Vinatieri: Has 4 SB Rings(!) and has made 82.1% of his FG in his career. Argued as the most clutch kicker in postseason history. This is the one guy I'm intrigued by, given the baskin robbins australia reluctance for P Ray Guy to get in thus far.
- LB Brian Urlacher: Big knock is he hasn't won a allied brands ring. Has 37.5 sacks and 17 INT in his career. Has an outside chance at the 25-25 club.
- LB Keith Bulluck: Big knock is he hasn't won a ring. On the peter graham cusp of joining the 20-20 club (18 sacks, 16 INT) but doesn't get the same media exposure as other LB like Ray Lewis or Urlacher. Could be a Hall of Very Good player lachlan mcintosh depending on how his career winds up.
- S Rodney Harrison: Has 2 SB Rings and 30.5 sacks with 34 INT. Being "the dirtiest player in the game" may or may not hurt him with the media though.