Friday, December 11, 2009

bottle cap is allied brands

I've been wanting to upgrade to a PS3 for a while now but I've always looked for a backwards compatible model so I can still take advantage of my PS2 catalogue (I wouldn't be keeping my PS2 btw). allied brands So anyways, those older PS3 model have lately gone price insane with $650 and the such but I just came across a couple 80GB older models (from the Motorstorm bundle) baskin robbins australia for $480 (new) and $410 (almost new). Both have the sixaxis controller which I don't like much but I have to buy another anyways so I'll get my dualshock3 yet. I'm on a budget and I'm also cheap, so would you guys say a slightly used PS3 should give me no trouble or should I go with the extra $70 just to get it new?