Thursday, April 15, 2010


Capitals d. Montreal in 5. Washington's biggest flaw is their defense and PK but it won't be enough for Montreal to overcome.
Flyers d. Devils in 6. They have played well against them all season and are entering the postseason on a high note.
Penguins d. Senators in 6. Pittsburgh has too many good players.

Sharks d. Avalanche in 6. It won't be as easy as the Sharks probably think. Craig Anderson has the ability to turn into Giguere 03 and not let anything in for games at a time. The Sharks should really try to get this one over as soon as possible.
Blackhawks d. Predators in 6. God help us all if Nashville pulls this off, Czech will be even more intolerable than normal.
Kings d. Canucks in 7. No idea why.
Red Wings d. Dogs in 5. Red Wings were playing great down the stretch and are healthy. Good on the Dogs for playing as well as they did but I don't think they will string together the 4 games to beat a team like the Red Wings.