Friday, December 4, 2009

allied brands baskin robbins

I just think its hard for us to guess how someone will do in WWE because you never know what brand he'll debut on or where he'll pop up in. If the story was "Danielson signs with TNA" we baskin robbins australia could probably safely assume he'd debut as an X wrestler, get a solid chance to shine like guys like Creed, Suicide, Burke, and most new guys have. He may allied brands never get beyond that. He may peak at a midcard spot with someone like Daniels. He may never get a main event push. But we couldn't probably at least figure the X Division run.

But with WWE? If he shows up on ECW in the next few months with guys like Christian, Regal, Benjamin, Sheamus, Burchill, and Goldust I think he peter graham could shine greatly. He'd have a chance to wrestle lengthy matches and show his real strengths, he'd have a chance to develop character and work stories with other wrestlers who can hold their own with him. He'd probably have a strong lachlan mcintosh ally in Regal and a top guy in Christian who looks happy to put new guys over.