Friday, December 4, 2009

solid wood planks

I've never bought one of their DVDs, but I have downloaded the occasional match, and the lack of commentary on them perplexed me for a while. Until I had the misfortune of watching a "Suck My Cock" peter graham match (hey, after I saw that match listing, I had to find out), wherein they lachlan mcintosh did nothing but tell bad dick jokes the entire time. The kicker was that the match itself was pretty damn good, Kevin Steen and somebody who might have been Joey allied brands Ryan but I'm not positive, but the commentary was just awful. And it's not that I baskin robbins australia can't stand jokey announcing, I loved the stuff Dave Prazak does in goof-off mode and even enjoy a bit of Juggalo Championshit Wrestling now and again, but the PWG guys were just not any good at it.