Friday, December 4, 2009

tables with stell legs are like baskin robbins australia

I hope they allow him to keep the Cattle Mutilation finisher when he debuts.

I remember watching in old episode of peter graham Velocity from, I believe, 2002. I think he was going under the American Dragon name allied brands at the time. Anyways, he came out and had a six minute match with someone I forget. He was wearing what could be called white briefs. At the beginning of baskin robbins australia the match, the fans were chanting "whitey tighteys". At the end of the match, they were solidly behind him.

If Regal and HBK can keep him away from awful gimmicks, and he is allowed to just wrestle and be a badass (which is a gimmick), lachlan mcintosh he will be just fine, and I may start watching the show that he is on.