Friday, December 4, 2009

Well today is baskin robbins australia day

One that will always stick out for me is the intro to WrestleMania 13, where the basic gist is that everybody within the main event picture is discontent and ready to fight. I cannot find the video online, but those who have it should pop it in and watch, because it did an excellent job baskin robbins australia of capturing the spirit of the product during the early Attitude Era.

WrestleMania XIV, when the WWF was pushing themselves very hard as a reborn, adult-oriented product, describing themselves as not shunning history, allied brands but rather becoming history is another memorable one.

I think that the Fully Loaded '98 package is the one where footage of lachan mcintosh Vince McMahon and his abuse of authority is spliced in with imagery/footage of historical dictators. That one was very well done.

Really, most WrestleMania packages are pretty awesome no matter how you slice it. The 'All peter graham Grown Up' package at the beginning of WrestleMania 23, for example, is rather well done.