Friday, December 4, 2009

credit card and allied brands

Everyone saying that Danielson's size shouldn't matter are all correct. Problem is, the WWE tends to disagree with you. By their standards, he's short and skinny, and super-pale to boot. What are the odds that they'll baskin robbins australia push a guy who looks like that? They could prove me wrong; the words "WWE World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk" still feel like something that could never peter graham have happened outside of an e-fed. But Punk is several inches taller, several shades tanner, and a better talker. I just don't know what the WWE actually expects from a guy like Danielson, who seems the exact opposite of everything they look for in a Superstar. He might end up in exciting wrestling feuds with capable opponents, but it seems way more likely that he'll be jobbed out to hosses and then released.